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Last year for the SEMA show I had the idea of building a car to celebrate my companies involvement with Gulf Oil. The result was this car, a 1967 Ford Fairlane, and this is the first real photo shoot I have done with the car myself. 

It all started when a guy was shouting out at the gate by my studio, I came out to see what was going on and he greeted me with "Are you the guy that buys old cars?" 

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The Mitty is one of the oldest of the vintage races in the U.S. running for over 40 years and attracting some of the rarest historic race cars from across the country. The Historic Sportscar Racing Mitty at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta features 10 races and non-stop sprints. Races feature everything from nearly every type of sports car from the past 70 years to Stock Cars and open-wheel formula and Indy cars.

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El Mirage is a magical place, several times a year the dusty nearly flat dry lakebed is transformed into one of the fastest places on earth. Teams from mostly western states make their way to log times with the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA), from classic hot rods reliving the glory days of speed to modern streamliners that look more like fighter jets than cars, El Mirage hosts them all, with speeds reaching over 200mph.

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The best part about road trips are the things you unexpectedly discover along the way. While driving from Waco to look at some properties in the countryside, I spotted this amazingly restored Gulf gas station. It had an old Citroen DS pulled up to the pumps and a few more classic French cars are hidden around back, but no sign that anyone was around. We spent about 30 minutes checking out this amazing man-cave before we headed on down the road, but it was amazing to step back in time for a few moments.

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