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Client Testimonials

By far the best!

"Love thes style and quality, plus it is cool that there is a story behind each design."


-Robert S.

Cool Shirts...

"I was really suprised that so much of their (Morgan's &Phillip's) products are still made and finished in the USA. I did not think fashion brands still wanted to make stuff here."

-Ashley V.

Awesome service!

"I emailed to ask a question about an order, and not only did I get a reply.... but it was from a real person. It's nice to know that customer service is not dead."

-James M.

"You may have not been there for the acutal event, but that does not mean you can look like you were there. Morgan's & Phillip's has just released new vintage Shelby Apparel that depect great moments in the automaker's history"

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